February 3, 2009

Paneer Tikka Pizza

Pizza is the most famous fast food known to Americans. Every Friday evening when I drive
back home, I find at least 20 delivery vans passing by. Now the times have changed due to
the recession/depression, people are cutting down on ordering food from outside and finding comfort on home cooked meals.

It is the same case with us, we are just trying to save our money in this bad economy and
this made me make Pizza from scratch. I did make Pizzas at home before but by buying
crust from outside. But, this time I made crust too at home. Couple of years back I tried
Tarla Dalal's crust recipe, but somehow that crust came out very hard after baking, so
this time I followed my friend Sharmi's recipe and the crust was as good as it can be.
Here is the link for making Pizza crust. Pizza Crust
And for the Paneer Tikka, just follow any Paneer Tikka recipe. On the crust, put a layer of Paneer Tikka masala and top it with Cheese. That is why my picture doesn't look so Paneery...as it is more cheezy. To avoid that put Cheese on the bottom and top it with Paneer masala.

The way I made Paneer Tikka Masala was..

I marinated paneer with yogurt, ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, cilantro chutney aka green chutney, salt and marinated for more than 4 hours. Later, I heated a pan with oil, added onions,
sliced into big pieces and stir fried for a minute. Then added tomatoes (boiled in microwave for 3-4 mins, removed the skin and mashed the tomatoes, my idea initially was to add make these into sauce, but I avoided that step and added directly to the curry. Along with Tomatoes, added some Pineapple pieces as Pizza without Pineapple is a no-no in our household. At the end added the marinated mixture, stir-fried for 3-4 mins on high. Removed and added on top of Pizza crust and baked for 15 mins.

The Cheese that I got from the store is a mixture of Mozzarella and Cheddar, called Pizza on Kraft brand.

Enjoy your Pizza..


Sukanya Ramkumar said...

This is so good. Nice recipe. YUM! So comforting and mouthwatering...

Lata said...

It was yummy, you won't believe how many times Ravi said yummy that day. And my father asked me to keep a piece for him for next day's lunch.

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